Sight Words are for High School Social Studies Too!

Sight words are not just for elementary school!

When I see the phrase sight words it is always for an elementary school level product on Teachers Pay Teachers. The lists are full of what I call “real words.”

Go. She. Had. Was. Take. Look. Here.

Every one of those words is a high frequency word that can be used in any sentence.

High school Social Studies has words like that too!

Simple Lessons 1 (2)

I like to say these words are not your ordinary social studies vocabulary list.

These are high frequency social studies words that integrate world and US history, government, and economics. Teachers tend to spend so much time on specific vocabulary like pharaoh or teepee that they forget that there are difficult words students have trouble understanding.

My list does include words that are usually only used when talking about something specific in a social studies class such as caliphate.

But how often and in how many different ways can you use the word abolish? Or capital?

High frequency words such as centralize and depression might not immediately stand out as need to know vocabulary or sight words but I should be able to ask any student to explain them.

The list I have compiled is FREE! You don’t lose anything and gain a valuable social studies resource!

In my TpT store you can also find the easiest social studies vocabulary project you will ever assign (FREE) and instructions on how to create your own interactive, erasable, and magnetic word wall which is great to use with your new social studies sight words/vocabulary.


And for the vocabulary driven teacher looking for a simple lesson to engage the vocabulary list, you can try out Simple Lesson, Volume 1. Volume 2 will be released soon.

Simple Lessons 1 (1)

No credit needed! Don’t go into debt for other seller’s vocabulary lists. You have fiduciary responsibilities after all. Indulge your curiosity. Save your money and pacify yourself. Your principal will not think you a radical and try to reform you. Claim your supremacy in your department. It is for the welfare of your students.

Visit my store today.

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