Chinese Dynasty Flip Books

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These Chinese Dynasty Flip Books can be used throughout the school year or as an end-of-year review. No matter how you use them, they will help students organize the huge amount of information found in Chinese history.

The Flip Books come as either a blank flip book, to be filled in entirely by the student, or you can purchase Flip Books with Maps. My Chinese Dynasty maps have been included with each dynasty, so students always have the maps at their disposal. They will be able to see the boundaries of almost every major dynasty in Chinese history which will help them remember important inforamtion.

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Each page (except Spring and Autumn Period) will have a map printed on it.

For example, when one sees the exspansive growth of Yuan Dynasty, it will prompt them to remember that was the dynasty of the Mongols and Ghengis Khan. When they see the shrinking territory of the Ming Dynasty it will prompt them to remember that the Ming Dynasty was a Han Chinese led dynasty that lost a lot of territory but was known for orderly government and embarked on massive building projects.

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Something I like about the Flip Books, is that they can be used as an end-of-year summary that helps students prepare for end-of-course exams. Students can use these to fill in the most important information about each dynasty. The Flip Books is a way to ensure students have the inforamtion necessary to complete writing prompts.

Take the first Flip Book, consisting of the Xia Dynasty through the Qin Dynasty and have students write about the continuity of the time period. Have students write about the changes of the time period. Have students write about the advancements of technology. Have students write about the religious struggles.

Probably the best part of the Flip Books is that the Han Dynasty and the Tang Dynasty are their own Flip Books. Both the Han and Tang Dynasty are their own PERSIA Flip Books. The Han and Tang Dynasties are the most important dynasties students learn about and need plenty of space because the information students are expected to know is huge.

These Flip Books are versatile and easy to use but they are definitely NOT prep free. Flip Books do take time to prep but if you take your time and don’t use fancy like I did, they are very easy to print. (The fancy color paper makes it upsetting when you make a wrong cut or the printer decides to smear ink all over them.)

Enjoy your new Chinese Dynasties Flip Books and be sure to return to give your Four Star Reviews!

Chinese Dynasty Flip BooksThese Flip Books are blank with NO MAPS of each dynasty.

Chinese Dynasty Flip Books WITH MAPSThis version of Flip Books comes WITH MAPS of each dynasty.

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