Signs for All Grades

Stop/Go, Correct/Wrong – Sometimes we just need a sign!


These signs are so versatile. You can use them in ways that I haven’t even thought of!

Have you ever had students working on a problem and you really need them to work through it all on their own? No intervention from you? Have you ever thought you wanted to quickly tell them they were doing it wrong but didn’t want to be drawn in to explain?

Then these signs are for you!

Stop and Go Signs

While students are working in pairs or groups you can pace around, assessing students and give them quick feedback: Correct! Wrong!

Maybe they need to complete a task before moving to the next one. Throw down a Go! Or a Stop!

I have priced these to be as low as TpT allows but the best part is they are so easy to put together. Just print, quick cut, and laminate.

I have included a color version for those of you lucky enough to have a color printer but have also included a black and white friendly version. The B&W friendly version will look great on color paper or if you are on a tight budget you can:

1. Have the students color them in

2. Color them in yourself

3. Highlight the edges and words

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