TpT and the Pinterest Business Account

I see comments all the time on our group pages, “I just use my personal account for Pinterest,” or “I don’t understand why I need a business account on Pinterest.”

So many intermediate and veteran sellers encourage people to upgrade to the business account on Pinterest. I am still baffled as to why people are so hesitant.

Here are the top five reasons why should upgrade to a business account on Pinterest:

  1. It’s FREE!

There is absolutely no cost to upgrading to a business account on Pinterest. You NEVER have to spend money if you don’t want to and Pinterest doesn’t push you to spend money. Ever. There are no ads constantly popping up begging you to buy tools or access to more people. The interface looks slightly different but frankly, I prefer the set up the business account. I think it is easier to use than the personal one.

And I still have a personal account. Keeping work separate from personal helps me differentiate my day and I have absolutely no problem having two separate accounts.

  1. Pinterest gives you analytics in the business account

The personal account allows you to create content yes, but there is no way to track how things are going. You create a few pins and pin regularly but how do you know that people are interacting with the pin? How do you know how many people are seeing your content? How do you know how many people are visiting your profile?

Upgrade (remember it is free) and you will have access to tons of data. How many times has your pin has been seen on Pinterest? How many times it has been saved? How many people interactive with your content daily? Monthly? They break down your data geographically showing you where your audience lives and what they like. There is much more data to be gathered.

And yes, the data helps. As you learn more about Pinterest and become more familiar with TpT, analyzing the data will help you create pins that reach more people, where to pin it, how often to pin it, and someday, you may even get that elusive viral pin!

  1. You are able to build your brand

You may see TpTers use that phrase a lot and whether you agree with it or not, the people purchasing your content want to see a business profile. They are not interested in what you are having for dinner or which shade of blue you may paint your bedroom. They do not want to see your dream vacations or which mommy blogs you frequent. They want to see your content and what “work” related content you post.

You are building a brand. You are building a business. You need to treat your Pinterest activities as a business.

All TpTers want to build a big store. We all want to replace our teaching salaries (or more). But if you are going to be that successful you have to treat everything you do as a brand. I want all of my followers and shoppers to think of my store in a certain way. That is branding. Get a business Pinterest account.

  1. Pinterest SEO

Pinterest SEO (search engine optimization) is complicated but what I have learned from Tailwinds is that Pinterest gives business content priority. What that means is that if you are pinning amazing content from your personal account, mine will probably beat yours in the SEO because I have a business account.

Why put in all the effort of Pinterest if you aren’t going to be seen by as many people?

  1. Pinterest, the Search Engine

Pinterest is not a social media platform. It is a search engine. No one is being social on Pinterest. You do not post pictures of your family or vacations on Pinterest. It is a search engine for people looking for stuff. And because it is a search engine and not social media, if you are using it for business, why wouldn’t you get a business account.

BONUS: Did I mention it is free?

UPDATED: Someone pointed out, and I should have included it before, but your terms of use with Pinterest personal actually state that you can’t operate as a business. You are required to upgrade to a business account.


Ready to take your Pinterest game up a notch? Get Tailwinds! It is a scheduler that posts your pins for you at the best time to reach your audience. You tell it how often you want to pin, which pins to which boards, and you schedule it out for as far as you want. Then it does the work for you!

I save hours a week by not having to pin myself. Totally worth the investment.

When I pinned on my own I had a monthly reach of less than a thousand. Now, I have hundreds of thousands of monthly viewers.

Need to learn more about Tailwinds for TpT sellers? Click here to be taken to my blog that explains everything a beginner needs to know.

Screenshot (212)

Email me at and I will send you a code to get your first month free!


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