Four Tailwind Mistakes to Avoid

Tailwind is an awesome app and it can be overwhelming at first because of all of the features available. But there are mistakes that you shouldn’t be making no matter what level of Tailwind user you are.

I DO NOT receive compensation of any kind from Tailwind or Pinterest.


  1. Adding ALL of your pins to Tribes at the SAME TIME.

You have a cool new product and you want people in Tribes to see it and to pin it. So you add it to all of your tribes. MISTAKE! If you add the pin to all the tribes you belong to on the same day, people who are on the same boards as you will see the pin over and over.

It doesn’t make it more likely that people will pin it multiple times but you are likely to attract different people on different days.

I may be in tribes looking for awesome world history products to pin and will skip your pins on that first day but if you pin that pin a week later in another tribe, I may be in a different mood or looking for less specific pins.

I have applied this strategy to my own Tailwind account and have seen an improvement in repins from Tribes. By not adding that same product to every tribe I belong, I am definitely getting engagement in every tribe whereas before, pins didn’t get reshares in every group.


      2. Creating multiple pins for the same product and pinning them all at the same time

Same as above, I may be otherwise inclined to pin your product but am looking for something specific the day you load all of your identical pins.

Even if the images are very different and the pins look different, don’t pin everything you have at the same time. Wait a few days and people will be more likely to pin it. But if they see the same pin title, “Great, Amazing Teaching Tips” with five different images, they will pin one, not all. And it is better if they pin them all.


      3. Not checking your engagement in Tribes

Just because you add pins to Tribes doesn’t mean you are getting repins. You have to check your pin performance in Tribes constantly. If you have shared 20 pins with the tribe and have repinned 20 pins, you are doing your job. But what if your 20 pins have had only 5 reshares? Or 1? Or none?

There is nothing you have done wrong. But if the tribe isn’t sharing your pins, then that tribe isn’t for you. And that is okay. Maybe you didn’t realize the tribe was for elementary science and you are pinning teacher blogs. Maybe the tribe is described as K – 12 but only elementary teachers are active and you pin stuff for high school.

The beauty of Tribes is that you can leave a tribe anytime you want and try something new. There are tons of tribes to try and as Tailwind grows, Tribes will grow.

You are paying for Tribes. Don’t stay with a Tribe that doesn’t work for you.


     4. Paying for Tribes submissions and not using them

This is especially true for people who do not have unlimited submissions: don’t leave money on the table! If you have 80 submissions a month, make sure you space them out over the course of the month but don’t forget to utilize all of them.

The same is true if you have 200 or 400 submissions. If you aren’t getting close to your number every month then you have overpurchased and can save some money. Tailwind is going to hate that advice but don’t pay for more than you use.

You pay for them, use them.


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