Five Features to Love About Tailwind

Four months into my TpT journey, I decided to try Tailwind. Many people were talking about it in the groups I am a member of and I decided to try it. I spent a lot of time manually pinning on Pinterest and I thought there were better things to do.

Yes, Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduler (and Instagram too!) but they give you so much for your money. The features that are included really do save you time and will increase traffic but I wonder how many people actually know how to use the features included.

I do NOT receive compensation from Tailwind or Pinterest

1. Smart Schedule

Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduler and they generate a smart schedule for you.  You decide how often you want to pin each day and Tailwind figures out which times you need to pin in order to maximize visiblity.

You can select a new Smart Schedule whenever you want. You can increase or decrease your frequency whenever you want. You can add time slots to any day without changing your overall frequency. Throughout all of the changes, Tailwind does the hard work of optimizing. All you have to do is hit a few buttons. Very simple.


2. Interval Scheduling

You’ve chosen to pin something that needs to go into 30 different boards but you don’t want to pin that particular pin that many times in a short period of time. It is better to space them out over several days or even weeks – use interval scheduling.

Choose the boards and hit Interval. You will be able to choose the first day the pin will post, the length of time in between each post, and you choose if you want the pins to use a regular time slot, create a new optimized slot, or create your own exact time.

This tool allows me to pin all of my content to all of my non-collaborative boards but I am able to make sure that pin will be seen on Pinterest for weeks rather than just days. Some of the pins are scheduled for four months out!


3. Saved Board Lists

Pin to the same combination of boards all the time? Create a Board List and save time.

I keep a spreadsheet of all of the collaborative boards I belong to and what days I pin to them. But then I realized that Tailwind has Board Lists. You give the list a title and add all of the boards you want to pin a group.

I keep mine basic – days of the week. On Monday, I choose my three pins and select the Monday board list. The boards are autofilled and I hit schedule. Simple and quick.


4. Board Insights

For many months, I didn’t gain one follower. I got angry. I got very angry at Tailwind because one of things I believed was I would gain Pinterest followers, not just views.

Then I discoverd Board Insights. Tailwind showed me which boards were being viewed and which boards were getting repins. Couple this with the data from my Pinterest business account and I was able to make a few changes and my followers began to grow, albeit, slowly, but growing.

Utilizing Board Insights also helped me increase my data in other areas. I am more cognizant of what my viewers want to see so I make sure to provide that.


5. Profile Performance

Profile Performance gives you a quick snapshot of how many followers you have and have gained, total pins in your Pinterest account, total repins, comments, and a few other pieces of data.

The data that is shown on this screen is easy to work with. It is very easy to tweak what you are doing to improve the data and it reports the new data quickly. The changes you have to make to see changes to the data in the Profile Performance isn’t that time-consuming or difficult. It could be as simple as adding keywords to pin descriptions or evaluating how frequently you pin specific pins. It doesn’t take much to have a big impact on the data.


All of the data provided by Tailwind can be overwhelming and people are drawn to different features of Tailwind but regardless of what you choose to focus on, Tailwind will definitely help you grow your following and your business.


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