The Classic Woodblock Game in the History Classroom

There is nothing like playing a game in the classroom. Students always have fun learning in a new and different way and it allows them to think about the material in a different way.

My series of woodblock games are the perfect way to review!


Purchase any woodblock game – generic of brand name, print the labels, stick them on the woodblocks and you are ready for the day. This is a low-prep lesson that gives you so many options for year round play.

Students are given answer sheets where they have to write down the prompt as they draw it from the tower. Offering a prize to the student with the most correct answers is a way to make it more competitive. (Students love to compete.)


Stack them in the traditional method and add another layer of competition – a prize to the students who do not knock over the tower. This makes the woodblock selection more strategic and adds a little more tension to the game.

Stack the woodblocks in the traditional method but just have the students remove one block at a time from the top.

Consider stacking them in a pyramid. Create a large pile. The possibilities are endless. 

The best part is that the prompts printed on the labels are the same prompts that are found on the puzzles and the BINGO games. Students will more likely remember the information if it is the same from game to game and you play them throughout the year.

Available now:

China Woodblock Game    Japan Woodblock Game

Coming soon:

Indian History Woodblock Game

Prefer Bundles?

Chinese Dynasties Game Bundle    Japanese History Game Bundle    Complete Asian Bundle


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