Historical Maps for Every History Class

My biggest challenge as a world history teacher was finding historical maps. I wanted the maps to:

  1. Look similar in style
  2. Be simple
  3. Match the time period and region we were studying in class

I wanted maps to look similar to each other to reenforce historical map reading skills. In world history we didn’t need to look at troop movements for major battles or every trade route available. Borders of empires and kingdoms were more important.

Those are not difficult criteria and yet it was difficult to find what I was looking for. Many time they were layered with borders and movements and changes – much too difficult for apathetic high schoolers who may like the class but were not interested in learning to read historical maps.

I introduced my historical map series with Chinese Dynasties in 2017.

Chinese Maps

Students have a difficult time keeping Chinese history straight because it spans such a long time and includes so much information. But the maps really help students see how the different dynasties thrived or struggled.

18 individual maps are included. I have also included a maps presentation and a centralized or decentralized PowerPoint activity.

When paired with my flip books, students have their notes and each dynasties map printed right on their flip books.

Chinese Dynasty Flip Books WITH MAPS

Read more about Chinese Flip Books by clicking HERE

I have also completed historical maps for Indian History.

Indian Historical Maps

13 individual maps spanning all of Indian history are included.

Indian History Flip Books with Maps is also available.

Indian History Flip Books with Maps.png


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