Looking for TpT Pinterest Collaborators

Finding collaborative TpT Pinterest boards that are actively looking for new collaborators is difficult. Finding collaborative Pinterest boards for TpT sellers who specialize in high school social studies and have quality pins, active participants, and plenty of followers is even more difficult.

I am attempting to build quality boards on Pinterest but I need new collaborators.

The rules for each board are simple:

  • Three pins a day
  • Product pins are welcome
  • Blogs are welcome
  • New pins are better than repeat pins. New pins can be for the same resource.

Email me at integratedsocialstudies2@gmail.com to join


go directly to the board of your choice and hit Request to Join (this is the preferred method)

If you are going to email me please include your Pinterest URL as I can’t always find you by name and never by email. I need your Pinterest URL.

  • Include the boards you want to join (or say all of them)
  • Invite your friends to follow then collaborate

To see the boards check below:

10  Click for HIGH SCHOOL SOCIAL STUDIES (any social studies subject taught in public high school)

11  Click for WORLD HISTORY (public high school – any grade)

12  Click for EUROPEAN HISTORY (public school – any grade)

13  Click for BLOGS FOR TEACHERS (education or product blogs)



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