World History Playing Cards Series

I was playing card games recently. I thought, “It would be cool to have something with world history included.” I wanted something versatile and yet classic – something you could create any game or activity you wanted but also something you could just play a classic card game with. Voila! World History Playing Cards Series!


Each card includes the classic number or royal identification making it easy to play any card game. Poker, war, solitaire – doesn’t matter. You have a complete 52 card set for any game play.

Each available set includes names, places, events, or vocabulary for the specific time period or culture making it easy to utilize the cards for academic activities, simulations, or games. Let’s take a look at what’s available.

World History Playing Cards Ancient World

  • 13 cards for Ancient Rome
  • 13 cards for Ancient China
  • 13 cards for Ancient Egypt
  • 13 cards for Ancient Persia

Use the cards like trivia cards and ask students to identify the word or name based on  the definition. Read the definition and have students identify the word or name. Have students sort the cards based on what they are: cities, names, events, things.

I really love the idea of building an essay or short answer writing based on the cards drawn. Draw one for a short answer. Draw three for three separate short answers or have students write an essay.

Bellwork? Luck of the draw. Draw a card and have students write about it.

The great thing about the World History Playing Cards series is you can purchase add-on cultures. Substitute one culture or time period for another. Add all of the cards together and make one large draw pile for a custom game.

Ancient World Add-ons Available:

Fertile Crescent Add-on   Ancient Greece Add-on   WHPC Ancient India Add on

Like them all? Bundle the add-ons!

Ancient World Add-on Bundle

I have also completed the European Middle Ages cards which would work for world history classes or European history classes.

Middle Ages

Instead of cultures, the European Middle Ages is divided by time periods:

  • 13 cards for Early Middle Ages (500 – c. 1000)
  • 13 cards for Late Middle Ages (c. 1000 – 1600)
  • 13 cards for Renaissance
  • 13 cards for Reformation

Here are examples of what the cards look like (paper color is your choice) and an idea of how the prompts are written:

Blue    Orange

Pink    Green

Add-ons are also available for the Middle Ages cards:

Artistic Renaissances   Events of Middle Ages

Or get the Middle Ages Bundle!

Middle Ages Bundle

Finally, I have completed the Major World Religions cards.

Neither are complete sets but rather are meant to be add-ons but of course, if you do not intend to play classic games with them and have other activities in mind you can make them work for any purpose.

7     6

You can always bundle them!

World Religions

Okay. So you thought these were cool and you purchased a set (thank you by the way), but you feel lost. How exactly will you play a game with these plus assess students knowledge?

Never fear. In the Ancient World set and Middle Ages set you receive two game instructions: Two-person World History Gin and World History’s King Tut’s Tomb.

These instructions walk you through how to play a classic card game while making sure students have to read the information and access their knowledge. They are great ways to have fun but see what they know!

Want more game options? Then the Additional Games Add-on is for you!

Extra Games Add-on

This game add on comes with instructions for four additional games:

  • Solitaire
  • War
  • Sequence
  • Higher-lower

Ready to purchase? Click on the picture of the game(s) you want and go directly to my TpT store!



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