Holiday Playing Cards

  As I begin to venture into the world of elementary social studies products, I decided to have a little fun. My TpT has many games, in particular playing cards. I thought it would be a great idea to create simple holiday playing cards for the little learners in our lives.

What You Can Play

These cards are tremendous value. When you purchase them you get enough cards to play many games suitable for the littles – Go Fish, Crazy Eight’s and Old Maid (which I have renamed Independent Woman).

Game instructions are included for all three games and instead of an Old Maid card I have included an “X” card. No need to further subject young ladies to the perils of fake old maidenhood.

The Holidays

First up: Halloween


My son is a big Halloween fan. He loves scary stories, scary pictures, and scary decorations throughout the house. I made these especially for him.

52 cards – four cards of each design are included in the pack along with the “X” card.

Next: Thanksgiving


Although many schools get the entire week off for Thanksgiving, many do not. Teachers may be throwing little Thanksgiving parties the day before the holiday as so many students are absent. Not always a popular thought but why continue with substantive teaching when 50% of the students are absent?

Play a game!

Finally: Christmas


Christmas parties galore! Teaching students a new card game is a fun game station to include in your classroom Christmas party.

Bundle! Bundle! Holiday Playing Cards Bundle!


My Favorite Part

These cards are awesome for games but they can also be used to play memory games! Or sequence! Don’t just assume they have one function – make this resource work for you.

Line up a long sequence (you have 13 different options after all) and have students complete the sequence.

Flip them over and do a matching game.

Great table exercises, whole class, pair work – no matter what you choose students will have fun and learn at the same time!


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