The Negatives of Tailwinds Tribes

Everyone writes about the positives of Tribes. What are the negatives?

Tribes used to be free while they tested it out. Now that you have to pay for Tribes there are a few things that I definitely do not like.

1. You can’t see if the administrator is any good

Not all administrators are equal. Some are vigilant about making sure everyone is sharing what they should. Some do not. Now that you pay for Tribes I think we should be able to see who is sharing.

Being able to see how many pins each person puts in the group isn’t the same as verifying that people have shared the required minimum of pins. I am not interested in sharing awesome pins for people who are guilty of including their own pins but NEVER sharing pins from the group. They do not need to be rewarded.

2. The cheapest plan gets you ten tribes and 80 shares

This is a personal opinion and has nothing to do with how Tribes works but I think 100 Tribe inclusions is better for the money spent. 10 tribes, 100 share.

3. I’d like select multiple pins in tribes rather than one at a time

When I am browsing Tribes I am often pinning the pins to the same board. It would be awesome if I could click on a bunch of pins and tell them all to go to the same board. As of now, however, you have to work on one pin at a time. It would save me time to click on several, schedule all at the same time, and move on. (This is probably why they don’t do this – Tailwind wants me spending more time in Tribes.)

4. I would like to be able to more easily tell a pin to share on a specific day/time

This is the single most annoying feature in my opinion. When I am sharing from Tribes, I am often sharing a lot. When I am done for the session it isn’t rare for me to have 50 or more pins that need moving around because scheduling for different days or times is a pain in the ***.

If I pick Pin 1 and want to schedule it for say three weeks out, my only option is to set a custom time. I don’t want to set a custom time. I want it to fit in my schedule but I may want that pin to be scheduled for a different day. When I am sharing a bunch from Tribes I then have to go to my schedule and manually move and reschedule pins for when I want them to go out. Very annoying.

5. Messages

Messages I think is a good idea in general but I don’t think it works. I am NOT interested in seeing people say hello to the group. Forgive me but I don’t know you, probably will never have a conversation with you, and I am busy. Message could be helpful if there are legitimate questions or concerns or problems but it is too social.

As soon as you enter Tribes, all of the messages that came through in your absence pop up. (Annoying) But people do occasionally message me with information that I need and I miss it. There should be a way to separate the two kinds of messages – ones that are entirely social in nature and others that were actually addressed to me personally.

Despite this blog, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Tailwind and I like Tribes. There are more things to like than hate and I believe it very much worth the money. If you are still unsure about Tribes or Tailwind, please read my other blogs:

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