Japanese History in World History

Japanese history is gloriously colorful and vivid, full of beautiful silk pieces of art and romanticized with samurai and geisha. The world’s first novel is Japanese and some of the world’s oldest and most interesting stories and poems hail from Japan. Given this rich history, don’t give up on fun and different methods for teaching or assessing Japanese history.

Japanese History Resources

Click the image to see all of my Japanese resources.

At this moment, if you are looking for lecture preps or other stuffy and boring lessons so you can breeze through Japanese history, find another TpT seller. I have several games available and the resources that I am working on and that will be ready in the next several months do not support a traditional approach.


Teaching with games does not mean you can’t learn the material well. Students are simply being asked to learn it in a different way or being assessed in a different way. Challenging the way we retrieve information is good for us.

If using games to teach Japanese history interests you, just go for it. It is easy! Project that BINGO game on a whiteboard and learn each prompt as it comes up. Don’t worry about the order but have students concern themselves with figuring out which time period each prompt belongs. Once each prompt has been displayed, students should create a timeline using just those prompts. Finally, break students into small groups or pairs and have them teach an assigned time period using the prompts as their guides.


Japan History BINGO Free Sample

Click above to download my Japanese History BINGO Free Sample or below if you are ready to just purchase the full product.

Japan History BINGO

This approach can be modified for each game available. Better yet, buy them all in the Japanese Game Bundle.

Japanese History Game Bundle

My favorite part of the Japanese Game Bundle is that the prompts are the same for each game but you are asking students to use the information in a slightly different way. They can memorize the prompts all they want but the method of delivery is different. The order is always going to be different. Using the game bundle repeatedly throughout the school year is the only real way to assess if they are learning it versus memorizing it.

Flip Books

My favorite way to keep the time periods in order all the time is by having students construct flip books. The pages have space for students to write their notes and they will always be in order. This organization helps them remember the order and make sense of the dates.

Japanese History Flip Books.png

Pronunciation Guide

Never worry about not knowing how to pronounce the names of the time periods in Japanese history. This pronunciation guide is a free steaming TpT video and is just over a minute long. It includes all of the major time periods in Japanese history. Listen to it over and over until you feel confident in your ability to pronounce the names.

Japanese History Pronunciation Guide

What I’m Working On

I am working on a few different resources from what I have included previously in Japanese history. I am working on a resource that teaches and analyzes the world’s first novel The Tale of Genji. I am also in the process of collecting resources to build a product about the history of samurai as well as the history of geisha, two of Japan’s most iconic historical images. Finally, the early mythology of Japan speaks about the early empresses of Japan. I am planning a product to teach and analyze the sources about the seven mythological empresses. If all goes well, these will be released in 2019.

The Complete Asian History Bundle

If you teach world history or Asian history and you are interested in a huge collection of Asian history resources, get my Complete Asian History Bundle. This growing bundle may cost a lot now but you get all future Asian history resources that I create in the future for free. I actively add to this bundle throughout the year and it includes Japanese history resources, Indian history resources, and Chinese history resources.

Complete Asian Bundle*******************************************

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