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Many people wonder why they need to share others content from Pinterest. Some people pin their own content but then NEVER share anyone else’s. The problem is that Pinterest is a sharing platform that relies on everyone to share content. I mean, if you are pinning content then clearly you are hoping people click on your content and save it so others can see it. So do the right thing, pin others people’s content.

When You Create A Pin

When you create a pin and save it to a collaborative board you are hoping that someone will see it and say, “Hey, that is exactly what I was looking for!” You are hoping they click the pin, click the link, go to your site and buy whatever you are selling – or read whatever you published.

But you are also hoping that if someone doesn’t need/want your pin that they pin your content to their personal boards.

Saves are tremendously important because they tell Pinterest that people like your content. Your pin is more likely to be seen by others. But to in order to maximize your pin on that collaborative board you need everyone to be saving pins from that board.

Share Others Content

When you create a pin and save it to a collaborative board you need to share at least the same amount of pins you pinned. If everyone on a collaborative board did this, Pinterest is going to see that this board is popular. Pinterest is going to showcase the pins in this board to others. Pinterest is going to optimize that board making it more likely that your pin will show up on others feed as well as in searches.

Let’s pretend you have created an awesome game for sale on your website. You’ve shared the pin to all the appropriate boards you are a member of. Now, if the boards you are member of have an active repinning community you are going to get more bang for your buck with Pinterest showcasing that pin on that board. That is how you get those big numbers without promoting. Optimization.

You have to share. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!!!

But I Don’t Want to Advertise Others Products

Let me be frank – get off Pinterest. It is a sharing platform that relies on people sharing each other stuff. If you are not willing to share others pins AND you won’t promote then find another way. Pinterest works best for you if everyone shares content from the boards.

And also, they are COLLABORATIVE boards. This means we all need to share BUT we all need to share. Pick some pins and share them on a few of your boards and move on with your day. Make that board busy and something Pinterest is willing to show off.

How do I know the board is any good and that people are sharing?

The easiest way is to get Tailwind and use the data they provide you. Tailwind is usually advertised as a Pinterest scheduler (and it is really, really good at that) but it is also the best way to analyze your data. Want to know which boards are doing well? Tailwind will tell you. Want to know if the changes you have made are working? Tailwind will tell you.

Don’t have Tailwind? Follow the directions below to get a code for a free month!


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