End-of-Year Review Activities For World History and Asian History Classes

With the end of the year approaching, so do end-of-course and AP exams. A standard approach to reviewing information gets boring and doesn’t gives you a chance to see how much students actually know or what they can work through. Here are some of my favorite resources in my TpT store that are excellent for end-of-year reviews.

Social Studies Vocabulary


If your students can’t understand social studies vocabulary then it won’t matter what else they know because they won’t understand what the questions are asking. This words are common social studies words that are not content specific. This means the words included in the list are not gerrymandering or pyramids but rather agrarian, hegemony, and suzerainty.

This resource is free in my TpT store and simply includes a list of common social studies vocabulary.


Social Studies Vocabulary Puzzles

Social Studies Vocabulary

If your students need work on social studies vocabulary, consider my Social Studies Vocabulary Puzzles. You get 117 social studies puzzles. Put a few in a pile and have students put them together. Pick a theme and have students work through similar definitions to see if they can match them up correctly. This is a fun and simple way to prepare for end of year testing.

(Note: This resource takes a lot of time to prep. Cutting puzzles is not fun but the end result will be worth it.)

Not sure this is for you? Download the freebie.

Social Studies Vocabulary Puzzles FREE PREVIEW


Chinese Dynasties BINGO

Chinese Dynasties BINGO

Teaching Chinese history in either world history or Asian history classes can be difficult because there is SO MUCH to get through in one year. Plus, this class is probably their first year ever learning Chinese history which means they may hold back a bit. But games have a way of challenging students and bringing out a competitive side they need to shine academically.

Chinese Dynasties BINGO includes information for all of the major Chinese Dynasties (if there is information you didn’t cover just give them that answer as a free space – learning after all is the goal, not winning). Project the PDF board and go one screen at a time to reveal a full BINGO board of Chinese history prompts.

This is a print-and-go lesson. Print the student boards, project the PDF game and you are done. Just click through!

Curious about how this will work? Try my free sample.

Chinese Dynasties BINGO Free Sample

(BINGO is also available for Japanese History and Indian History)


Japanese History Teacher Quiz

Can You Pass It Japanese History

Why would you give your students a teacher quiz? Because it would work well as a study guide!

True, this was designed as a teacher quiz to help you prepare each year to teach Japanese history (reminding you which aspects you need to work on before you teach it) but I also designed it with students in mind. Print the quiz and have your students complete the guide for themselves.

The guide will help guide them through all of the important time periods and major accomplishments of each.

You could even use this as part of your final exam!

(Teacher quizzes are also available in Chinese history and Indian history)


Indian History Woodblock Game

Indian History Woodblock Game

Woodblock games are a fun way to engage students. Use Avery labels, print the prompts and place the labels right on the blocks. You can also print the labels on plain paper and cut and tape them (I’ve used both the labels and the cut and paste method. Both work well.)

Buy several woodblock games for small group or pair work. Working in a whole group could be a lot of fun as well. Students can write down the prompt and their answer as they pull them from the tower. In a whole group you can select students or ask for volunteers to simply say the answer. If students are uncertain have them look up the answers. The way you run the lesson is up to you!

(Woodblock games are available in Chinese history and Japanese history as well.)


World History Playing Cards Series

WHPC Ancient World FULL BUNDLEMiddle Ages Bundle

Play literally any card game in the world or stick to the instructions I have included. The games are geared towards the information found on each card which makes them perfect for reviewing.

Play the games included, use the cards as writing prompts, discussion prompts, or create a trading card lesson plan. There is no wrong way to use these cards.

The Ancient World Full Bundle includes 91 cards from seven civilizations (Rome, China, Egypt, Persia, Greece, India, and Fertile Crescent). The Middle Ages Bundle includes 117 cards from several aspects of the European Middle Ages (Early Middle Ages, Late Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation, Northern Renaissance, Italian Renaissance, Black Plague, Crusades, and Hundred Years’ War).

(There are also religious add-ons you can check out in my TpT store. Want more game options? A games add-on is also available.)


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