Avoid the Phrase “from around the world” if you only include things from Europe

Please excuse the rant but “from around the world,” means countries from continents that are not North America and Europe.

I read an article recently about myths from around the world. The countries included were all in Europe. So was it really about myths from around the world if it only included one continent? Is it really from around the world if you only include one race?

Facts about the world:

  • The majority of the people who live in this world live in Asia.
  • The second most populated continent is Africa.

When you use a phrase like, “around the world,” but you only include one continent or one race of people you are literally excluding the majority of people on Earth.

Substitutions for the blog I read:

  • Myths from Europe
  • European myths
  • European myth origins
  • Myths from around Europe

Your article is still going to be interesting and exciting even if you don’t use the phrase, “from around the world.”

Although, myths from around the world is much more exciting and exotic and interesting. You should research myths from around the world and then write an article about it.

Rant over. Thank you for reading.


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