I Voted Stickers

Everyone loves I Voted stickers! Your students will love getting them too.


These stickers are designed to print on Avery labels 5260 (for laser printers) and 8160 (for inkjet printers) but for more frugal teachers, just print them on plain paper, cut each one, and use tape on the back.

I don’t have a color printer but look at how cute the stickers still are? For a smaller class, you could take a few minutes with a fine point marker and add a little color to them. So cute!

What Can I Use These For?

The obvious answer is during your primary or election lessons. Either use real candidates in your classroom election or hold a mock election for something.

These would also be cute to use for school government elections or homecoming voting! This where the additional designs may come in handy. An American flag I Voted sticker doesn’t make as much sense when the students were voting for homecoming queen. Star stickers would definitely work but maybe the blank stickers and allow students to draw on them or choose from a smiley face sticker collection in order to personalize it.


Regardless of the election, these stickers will work for you.

Buy the template once, be able to print them for years to come. Well worth the few bucks!

Looking for ways to teach elections to kindergarten – 2nd grade? Read about my Apples and Oranges election resource.


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