Voter Information Posters

I always assumed people knew about voting and elections in this country but after I became an election worker it became clear that too many people do not know the laws and their rights. Explicitly teaching about voting and voting rights is essential and teachers should be making it as easy as possible for students to know the information.

Each state has its own dates and laws that are important considerations which is why I designed these Voter Information Posters to be constantly changed. When you have them printed, you MUST get them laminated. If they are laminated you will be able to write on them and change information from election to election.

You get two different posters which displays very different information.

These are very glossy posters that I am able to write on using dry erase markers but I recommend you have your posters laminated to protect them and to make it easier to write on them.

My Voting District Poster focuses on specific voter laws such as absentee ballots, early voting, and same day registration. Mark the appropriate boxes and write the corresponding dates to help students keep the information straight.

Make this poster part of your social studies classes but especially government. Emphasize to students whether or not your district has early voting. Remind students that absentee ballots have deadlines and will absolutely not be counted if the deadline is missed.

I personally think the most important element is voter ID laws. In my state of Pennsylvania, we currently do not have a general voter ID law but you do have to show your ID in certain circumstances. This confuses the heck out of people and really discourages voter engagement. Find out about your area and help students become engaged with voting laws.

The second poster is entirely dedicated to primary and election dates and deadlines. This poster is best for juniors and seniors who can actually register to vote. Keep those deadlines in their heads, encourage them to register or to check their status. It is amazing that people do not realize that there is an election every single year.

Every. Single. Year.

Too many people seriously believe there are mid-term elections and presidential elections and they have no clue about the off-year elections. Display this in a hallway where all grades will see it, that is a way to reinforce that voting happens every year. Students are excited to register and to exercise their rights. Keep them focused on the fact that there are primaries and elections to think about.


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