What is Tailwind?

Do you blog? Do you sell on Etsy? Maybe you are a TpT seller like me. No matter what your business is, if you have a Pinterest OR Instagram site that you use for business, Tailwind can help you.


Tailwind is renowned for its scheduler. Schedule all of your Pinterest pins or Instagram posts for days, weeks, or months ahead of time – giving you more time to work on your business.

You choose how many posts or pins you want per day and Tailwind schedules you in the best time slots for your genre. Tailwind knows when your audience is most likely to see your awesome new Instagram post or when your Pinterest pin will engage the correct audience.


Get better results, make more engageable content after looking at your data provided by Tailwind. Look at word clouds to help you choose the best words in your descriptions and hashtags. Know which images are working the best so you can try to replicate them. Learn which boards attract the most viewers and repins so that you can make more content.


Make better moves. Make better content. Get exposure to the best possible audience and gain more followers. Tailwind will help you do everything you want to grow your business.

Ready to sign up?

Tailwind offers you a one-month free trial normally worth $15. But if you are ready to give it a try, Tailwind is doubling that offer through June 30th.

If you want a referral code, email me at integratedsocialstudies2@gmail.com. You get a $30 credit, giving you two months to use Tailwind and they will also give me a $30 credit  (giving me two months free).

My testament

The Tailwind scheduler is really awesome. You stay active on your accounts, providing new engageable content without working on them every day. Personally, the scheduler gives me more freedom to work on new resources or write blogs, or honestly, take time off. I am still reaching my audience while I am doing something else.

I began Tailwind when I had 70 Pinterest followers and I am gaining about 50 a month. You’ll see claims in other blogs of larger and faster audience gains and I am sure they exist but I am really happy gaining 50 a month. I also went from roughly 10k monthly views a month to over 700k.

This small monthly investment of $15 is totally worth it for my business. Tailwind has taught me so much about engagement and quality content creation. They are supportive and helpful and offer so many helpful tools for free. My favorite thing they offer for free is their Pinterest live training – they may seem like information dumps but when you rewatch them and focus on the areas you need to focus, the information is game-changing.

Email me for a code for a $15 credit (one month free).



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