Asian Game Bundle

Whether you teach Asian history or world history, you need to incorporate games and fun into your curriculum. Look no further than my Asian Game Bundle on TpT. 

Why play games in class?

Games help you assess the information in a different way because students are forced to access the information in a different way. The questions or prompts promote different ways of thinking about the information and will give students an opportunity to push themselves, making it more likely they will remember the information later.

Plus, the games are fun. Games give your class an opportunity to bond and can help build a better classroom environment.

Finally, games are great substitute lessons. Students still have a regular class day of learning but the substitute doesn’t have to be a subject expert to figure out what is going on in class.

What games are included in the bundle?

The bundle includes three different games with three different Asian cultures.

Puzzles: Chinese, Japanese, and Indian history puzzles include many prompts to get students thinking about the chronology of the events and can be used as discussion or writing prompts. Have students complete an essay about the time period or dynasty after they complete the puzzle. Or have them connect multiple puzzles in different cultures and compare and contrast events or advancements.

Indian PuzzlesJapanese PuzzlesChinese Puzzles 2019


Woodblock game: Use any block game like Jenga or a generic brand either use sticky address labels or cut and tape the prompts to the blocks. As students pull blocks from the tower they have to answer the prompt. The prompt will present information for a specific time period in Chinese, Japanese, or Indian history and students must tell you which time period or dynasty it belongs to.

Indian History Woodblock GameJapan Woodblock GameChina Woodblock Game

Challenge your advanced students by combining the prompts from all three cultures into one game!


BINGO: You project a pre-determined board, students write the time period or dynasty on their answer sheets. This is the best substitute lesson plan because it requires no prep work except printing the student answer sheets and a teacher answer sheet. No cutting or writing or organizing! Print and go!

Indian BingoJapan History BINGOChinese Dynasties BINGO

Ready to buy? Click here or on the picture to go to my TpT store.

Asian Game Bundle


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