Famous Couples and Pairs

Sometimes you just need something simple. Maybe it is homecoming or right before winter break. Teachers often forget that teenagers like themed lessons too but it isn’t always easy to take an entire class period off to complete an off-topic lesson. But if you teach world history or European history this problem is solved!

Famous Pairs

Not every great pairing in history is between people. One really can’t think of Gutenberg without thinking about the printing press. Or Gothic Architecture and Notre Dame.

Famous Pairs is a fun matching game asking students to match real couples and great pairs in history. You get 30 matches to include and three themes to choose from (Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s Day, and an everyday theme).

You can choose just European history or world history although many of the pairs are included in both.

CoverPairs in World

Updated to include a fall theme as well. Use these in the beginning of the year with the fall theme, again for Valentine’s Day, and a review session on St. Patrick’s Day to assess if students are ready for end of year exams!

Famous Couples

See if your students know or remember the famous couples in history! This is a fun lesson that works best for days that you are killing time. Create a competition and let students try to beat best times.

Themes available now: Valentines, St. Patrick’s Day, and an everyday theme. Although the same new themes will be available later this summer. (Buy now, get the update for free!)

Famous Couples in European CoverCouples in World



Bundles are the best way to have teaching options and save the most money. Choose from the world history bundle, European history bundle, or get all of the matching games!

Pairs Couples Bundle WorldPairs and Couples in European Bundle Cover

The bundles above come with a pumpkin and a winter theme. Use this resource multiple times a year and have a theme day!


Famous Pairs and Couples Full Bundle Cover

The FULL bundle comes with all of the themes! Fall, pumpkin, winter, Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s, and a regular day theme!



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