Learning Tailwind is a Marathon

Learning Tailwind is a marathon, not a sprint. People often ask, “Is it worth it?” with many people replying, “I used the free trial period and didn’t see a difference.”

That is because Tailwind is a marathon, not a sprint.


1.Think of the free trial period as a way to familiarize yourself with the software

You will not see massive results in your 30-day free trial unless you are completely dedicated to doing everything right which most of us are not. We are there to see what Tailwind is about while we continue to create whatever it is that we create.

The 30 days gives you a glimpse of the possibilities. You will learn how to use the scheduler and maybe learn how many pins is possible for you (remember, everyone has different pinning needs).

Tailwind will help you optimize your account by making sure that all of your boards have descriptions and a set category and the minimum amount of pins for Pinterest to take your account seriously.

But the bottom line is, you can’t possibly learn all of the features in those 30 days. Sample the features and decide if you like them. That is what the 30 days are for.

2. It takes time to collect usable data from Tailwind

Tailwind may give you data about your account and your pins but 30 days isn’t long enough to do much with it. Trends take time. Tweaking your account and pins takes time.

But, speaking quite honestly, many people just want the scheduler and Tribes. But it takes time to see results with those too!

Just because you schedule pins out for a week or two doesn’t mean you are suddenly going to be seen by a million people and gain 1,000 new followers. The scheduler is awesome and I love it but if you want the most important results, you have to include time in the scenario. 30 days is not enough time.

3. Tribes, SmartLoop, Analytics – There is a lot to learn

Without dedicating all of your time to sitting and learning Tailwind and the features, you cannot possibly learn how to use them all in 30 days.

I have had Tailwind for years now and I still don’t use SmartLoop very much because I haven’t entirely figured it out. Scheduling in SmartLoop isn’t difficult but figuring out how to optimize it does take time.

Tribes are cool but finding the Tribes that work for you takes time. Not all Tribes yield results and you are wasting time staying in them. You have to constantly evaluate if your pins are being repinned by the community and if not, it is back to the search bar looking for new ones.

Analytics is my favorite part of Tailwind but analytics are hard and in my experience, people tend to ignore.


Tailwind is amazing and I cannot see myself canceling it. It provides too much support and really helps get my TpT resources out to people who are shopping for what I create. The traffic gains didn’t happen right away but I am constantly growing and I am now growing at speeds that make me quite happy.

If you are ready to dedicate a small monthly amount to your business, email me for your code for your credit of $15. I get a credit of $15 as well. Win-win!



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