Japanese History Writing Task Cards

Whether you teach world history or Asian history to high school students, you need to have writing prompts at the ready. These Japanese History Writing Task Cards are just what you need to make the job easier – giving you more time to prep other aspects of your class. 

What You Get

This TpT resource has 182 writing task cards that span all of Japanese history. Unless you are teaching a specialized history class that only focuses on Japan, there is no way you can use all 182 task cards in the same academic year. But you have all the options you need.

Organized by time period, the task cards come in a variety of levels (low-level writing tasks, mid-level, and high-level) as well as a variety of types (definitions, short answer, essay, essay planning).

For the advanced world history teachers, you have a few continuity and change task cards to choose from!


These task cards do NOT print in color. I used marker for picture purposes. You could also print on color paper.

What You DON’T Get

Because this resource was built with several different classes in mind and there are a number of possible answers, there are no answer keys included. Besides, history is a matter of opinion, not fact.

Take a Closer Look

The first three task cards focus on Japanese geography. These are perfect for the beginning of the year to help you get used to your students writing style and for them to get prepared a year of task card writing.

The next three cards focus on the three major religions of Japan: Shinto, Buddhism, and Confucianism. The following three cards all focus on animism.


Now we get to the time periods of Japanese history:

  • 3 task cards for the Jomon period
  • 5 task cards for the Yayoi period
  • 3 task cards for the Kofun period
  • 11 task cards for the Asuka period
  • 8 task cards for the Nara period
  • 21 task cards for the Heian period
  • 11 task cards for the Kamakura period
  • 4 task cards for the Muromachi period
  • 3 task cards summarizing the Jomon period – Muromachi period
  • 14 task cards for the Tokugawa period
  • 19 task cards for the Meiji period
  • 12 task cards for the Taisho period
  • 36 task cards for the Showa period
  • 4 timeline writing task cards
  • 2 persuasion essay task cards
  • 8 continuity task cards
  • 9 change task cards

This TpT resource gives you plenty of freedom to create your own combination of writing prompts. As you read through the prompts you will see that many can work together to create a larger writing assignment. Keep the task cards chunked in smaller bits for beginner history writers or combine them for more advanced students.

No matter how you use them I am positive they will add to your teaching curriculum.

Want to see more task cards? Check out my blog about Chinese History Writing Task Cards or go directly to my TpT store to see the full Chinese History Writing Task Card Bundle.


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