St. Patrick’s Day Themed History Lesson

Your high school students LOVED the themed parties in elementary school and then the world decided school had to get more serious. Have a little fun and add a bit of whimsy in your classroom.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in your history with a fun and themed lesson.

Famous Couples in History

Choose between Famous Couples in European History or Famous Couples in World History, print on green paper, cut and go! Save yourself some prep time and don’t cut the shamrocks out – students will see them when they play the game.

This is a memory match game. See how many couples your students can match up without help. Have them use their notes, books, or even phones to find the answers for the remaining couples.

Have a discussion in your classroom about the history of marriage and how virtually every marriage the students are seeing in the game was arranged. Students can take time to look up the couples and read about them and how some of these couples ended. Not all were happy but they are all iconic.

Once students have completed the match game you can engage in a whole-class discussion about why the couple is important to history and each one’s role in history. This could also be a writing exercise or thesis statement practice lesson.

Cropped Pile

Famous Pairs in History

Famous Pairs in World History doesn’t focus entirely on people and gets students thinking outside the box a little bit. No one in the world can think about Gutenberg without thinking about the printing press. Or Queen Elizabeth and England. These are examples of some of the couples included in this resource.

Just like above, engage in class discussions about the prompts or have students write about the matches.


Famous Pairs in European History History is also available.


My FAVORITE part of these resources is that you get multiple themes, making this a year-round resource. Fall theme, winter theme, Valentine’s Day theme, etc. Use it at the beginning of the year, mid-year, and before the end-of-year exams as a review.


Famous Couples in European CoverCoverPairs and Couples in European Bundle Cover

Couples in WorldPairs in WorldPairs Couples Bundle World

Famous Pairs and Couples Full Bundle



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