Emergency Homeschooling: Elementary TpT Resources

As of this today, our school is closed for the foreseeable future. We are not alone at the moment but this made me think about families who have to emergency homeschool.

Whether this is a family emergency that requires you to homeschool for a time or a school district shut down, many of you may be looking for some resources to help you get through it.

Here is a selection of my elementary social studies resources that can supplement your learning:

Kindergarten – 1st Grades:

Print and Go Resource

Apples and Oranges: Primary and Election Bundle

Teach your little students about the importance of voting and how the process works. First, learn about the primary and then the election. This resource can work even if it is not a primary/election season. It is fun, engaging, and one of the many steps to creating an active voter in the future!

Primary Election BundlePrimary for the LittlesApples and Oranges Election Edition


Math and History Skills Combined

Chronology or Centuries (up to 2nd grade!)

These lessons take a little bit of prep (printing and cutting) but students begin to learn about years, decades, and centuries. Students work with four-digit numbers in a variety of ways: addition, subtraction, event creation. Chronology works with all cardinal numbers (1, 2, 3, etc.) and Centuries works with ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.)

Create a story of their lives with Chronology. Practice ordinal numbers with Centuries. Use these as flashcards for a greater than/lesser than practice session. Group numbers by fives, tens, or put the numbers in order up to a 100.

These two lessons can be Common Core aligned for math.

Chronology for Elementary Students K - 2Centuries for Elementary Students


Washington and Lincoln Chronologies

Work on putting details and dates in order with Washington or Lincoln Chronologies. A print and go resource, students cut the prompts out and paste them to the corresponding hat or head in order. This is a history skill definitely but working with numbers again students are still practicing some math skills. Plus this is something you can put in a portfolio and share with the school when your student returns.

Washington ChronologyLincoln ChronologyWashington Lincoln Fun Bundle


Craft Sessions

Check out all the crafts that support your American history studies! Easy to follow directions and printables results in super cute crafts your students will love to create. Some of these crafts need additional supplies but others just need crayons or markers. Get the bundle for money savings and they are available individually if you just want one or two. Check out my store for all the details.

Washington's WigWashington's HatLincoln Coloring PageMartha Washington Coloring QuiltEarly American History Bundle


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