The New Normal: Homeschooling During Coronavirus

This is not a unique story as we are all trying to navigate the new normal. As my first week of homeschooling unfolds, I thought I would share some thoughts about the experience.

I’ve Wanted to Homeschool

I chose what is best for my child and that means going to school. This is in no way a statement that school is best for all students because it isn’t but it is best for my child. This is an opportunity for me to have the experience of homeschooling though so I have really embraced the idea.

I think that parents who seriously consider homeschooling fall into two camps: the free spirit teacher and the serious academic. I fall on the serious academic side with a longing to be the free-spirited parent. On day two I had to scale it back. Way back. 

I Write Curriculum

I write social studies curriculum for all ages and sell it on TpT so I am already going into this experience with some resources and the ability to create my own when necessary. I have the know-how to read and understand state standards and understand pacing guides. I also taught before which means I am more prepared to deal with how slow and/or chaotic students work and how distracted they become.

On day two, I had to cut the day short or I would have torn my hair out. (3 1/2 hours today)

And I may have another short day tomorrow as we still adjust to working together from home. (Will strive for four hours)

If you are still reading this and came here looking for help then please remember, even educators have to make adjustments. Lots of them. Teaching is very difficult but teaching your own child(ren) in your home can be the biggest challenge.

They don’t want to listen to you. They don’t think you know what you are talking about. There are plenty of us who don’t know what we are doing (me with fractions. The bane of my existence).

The point is this: slow down. You have to get your feet planted firmly and if that means you only homeschool for two hours a day the first week then so be it. Strive for three hours in week two. And if you can’t, it’s okay. You can do this and it is not forever.

Remember, a regular school day may seem long but they aren’t working the whole time. My child has a 6 hour 30 minute school day but officially only has 5 hours 30 minutes of school time after lunch and recess are accounted for. Plus he gets some breaks and walking to and from activities takes time.

5 hours for elementary school. 6 – 6 1/2 hours for high school. And schedule those breaks. Lots of them. Snacks. Run around the house. Take the dog out. Their focus will be much better.

(Teachers Pay Teachers, TpT, is not just for teachers. If you need resources this is the place. To see my store click here. To go to the homepage of TpT click here.)



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