Queens of Ethiopia

Learning about the history of Ethiopia and the role they played in Africa is usually contained to their adoption of Christianity. I was ignorant of the role of women in Ethiopia before I set out to create a series about the queens of Africa. However, this might be my favorite resource in the entire series and I really felt connected to Eleni of Ethiopia’s story.

Personally, I think it is interesting how Ethiopia changes from the matrilineal-focused society of Kush to a patrilineal succession. This change leads to some deep questions about the influences that Ethiopia faced in order to make such drastic changes.

All of these histories are presented as short reads, they won’t take a lot of time, and they will fit into your curriculum. I know time is a precious commodity for history teachers but we need to make more efforts to learn about women.

When do I use this?

The women included span several hundred years which makes this resources as a possible year-round resource. Match the queen to their time period and learn about during the correct time period. It would also be amazing to learn about them in sequence in order to conduct a continuity and change lesson.

If you prefer to stick to your regular curriculum but are looking to celebrate Black History Month or Women’s History Month, these short reads will work for both of those.

Trauma Warning

This resource contains some traumatic stories, especially Eleni of Ethiopia. This resource is best for a mature student body but please be sure to check out the preview included in my TpT store to read the traumatic passages. Not all teachers will be able to use these in their classrooms.

Check out my blog about Kandakes of Kush or take a look at it in my TpT store.


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