Does anyone really read the about page?

If you’re on the about page on purpose then we have a little something in common. I don’t always read the about page but I do often enough that I would say they matter.

Social studies education matters more than ever. Having been swept to the side for so many decades to make room for more reading and math, we have forgotten that social studies teaches us how to live.

A strong democracy depends on people learning from early ages about voting: why it’s important, how to make informed decisions, and how often we vote. There are elections every single year yet so few of us actually carve out time to express our opinions in the voting booth. Social studies teaches us to respect our democracy.

We can’t understand how we got here if we can’t understand what came before. Being able to see long-term trends/themes in society, connecting past events to current events, and recognizing when we are repeating bad decisions are all part of history classes. Social studies teaches us about who we were.

Cultures, languages, environmental differences and concerns are important foundations in knowing how the world works and reacts to one another. We need to both celebrate each others differences and be able to accommodate them to live peacefully. Social studies teaches us about each other.

Knowing people, recognizing behaviors, diving deep into the past through the examination of artifacts and written works is what social studies is about and I love all of it.

Despite some of my family telling me that a history degree will get me nowhere, I studied history/political science and grabbed myself a minor in international studies as well. I also adventured over to Aix-en-Provence, France for a semester too.

After working some truly awful but enlightening jobs in customer service after college I packed up everything I owned and crossed the country to attend the University of Central Florida where I got my master’s in social studies education.

I taught world history, in a trailer, in a public high school in Florida and absolutely loved it. My students mostly spoke Spanish and I do not. They taught me a lot about perseverance. They worked harder than I ever had to in high school and I will forever defend immigrants in our classrooms. The US is a melting pot after all.

Now I stay home to raise my children. My TpT store came to life after my second child. I love being at home with them but my brain needed more stimulation. All these years later, I am so happy I took the plunge. It is so fun learning how to make resources, doing the research, and keeping up in the field. One day I may go back. We will see.

In the meantime, I’m glad your here. If you read the whole thing, thank you. It means a lot that you are taking such an interest. Don’t forget to follow the blog. I need your email address as I don’t do social media anymore.

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