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Common Core Aligned

Common Core Aligned          Dracula

Apples and Oranges Election Edition          Me and My World

Chronology for Elementary Students K - 2          Centuries for Elementary Students

Chinese History Writing Task Cards Xia - SuiChinese History Writing Task Cards Tang - The RepublicChinese History Writing Task Cards Bundle 2

Japanese Writing Task Cards     Elizabeth Bathory


World History Playing Card Series

Ancient World

World History Playing Cards Ancient World  Fertile Crescent Add-on  Ancient Greece Add-on  Ancient World Add-on Bundle


European Middle Ages

Middle Ages  Events of Middle Ages

Artistic Renaissances  Middle Ages Bundle


Major World Religions

World Religions  7  6


Extra Game Add-on

Extra Games Add-on



Deserves More Love

Teaching with Chess     Complete Asian Bundle


Chinese History

Chinese Dynasties Pronunciation Guide     Chinese Maps     Chinese Dynasties Game Bundle     Chinese Dynasty Flip Books WITH MAPS     China Woodblock Game     Hua Mulan

and many more products! Visit my TpT store to see all of my Chinese History Products.


Japanese History

Japanese Writing Task Cards     Japanese Puzzles

Japan History BINGO     Japan Woodblock Game

and more on my Japanese History page in my TpT store!


Indian History

Indian Puzzles     Indian BingoCan You Pass It Indian History     Indian History Woodblock GameIndian History Flip Books     Asian TimelinesIndian Historical Maps

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Indian Game BundleComplete Asian BundleJapanese History Game BundleChinese Dynasties Game BundleWhole SeriesFamous Pairs and Couples Full Bundle CoverTournament of Full BundleI Voted Stickers BUNDLE Cover Washington Lincoln Fun Bundle

Early American History Bundle  Dracula Bathory Bundle

More bundles available. Check out my bundle’s page in my TpT store.



Monopoly 2.0Tulip Mania



Monopoly 2.0Tulip Mania13Tournament of TechnologyTeaching with ChessMiddle AgesSocial Studies Vocabulary  Senet

and so many more. Games are kind of my thing. See them all on my games page in my TpT store.



Me and My World     Apples and Oranges Election Edition.png

Chronology for Elementary Students K - 2     Centuries for Elementary Students

Martha Washington Coloring Quilt     American Flag

Washington's Hat     Washington's Wig

Lincoln Chronology     Lincoln Coloring Page

Washington Chronology     Illuminated Letters

Medieval Crowns     Coat of Arms

Video Resources

Teaching with Chess     Dracula     Japanese History Pronunciation Guide     Indian History Pronunciation Guide     Chinese Dynasties Pronunciation Guide     Hua Mulan

Elizabeth Bathory



ProjectChinese Dynasties BINGO Free SampleSocial Studies Vocabulary Puzzles FREE PREVIEWChinese History Writing Task Cards Free PreviewMonopoly SampleScratch offsShamrockTeaching with Chess Free SampleVocabularyWord Wall     more freebies available. Check out my freebies page in my TpT store.

MANY more resources are in my store than I have listed here. Check them all out at my TpT store!


Coming Soon (no particular order)

  • Me and My World Elementary Resource
  • Apples and Oranges Election Resource
  • Hua Mulan Video Resource (Common Core Aligned)
  • Empress Wu Short Read (and many other Asian women!)
  • Ancient Egypt Coloring Pages
  • Ancient Egypt Artifact Bag
    • Elementary Level
    • Middle School Level
    • High School Level
  • More World History Playing Cards
  • Teaching with Pit
  • Tulip Mania Economic Trading Game
  • World History Guessing Game
  • Elizabeth Bathory Resource
  • Indian History Writing Task Cards
  • and so much more is planned!


I have tons more. Can’t wait for me to finish adding all of my products?

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