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20170726_144155 Teaching with Monopoly

Teach with Monopoly the board game! Get a board, pick a scenario and let the fun begin! Students learn while playing one of America’s best loved games. You get a chance to see your students take charge of their own learning while your students play one of four game scenarios. An introduction to important terms is included along with end of game summaries for students and class discussion prompts to help you get everything from this unique lesson.

Yes, they are really playing monopoly. They are rolling the dice, buying properties, trying to get a monopoly, all while avoiding bankruptcy.


This is the perfect trio! My interactive, erasable, magnetic word wall will change the way you look at word walls and vocabulary and the best thing of all is that the instructions are FREE!

Social Studies Vocabulary is unlike all other vocabulary lists. The words are not content specific but are subject focused. Words span the major social studies subjects and are common in all social studies curriculum.

Finally, the Simple Lesson product gives you five simple lessons that utilizes your new word wall and social studies vocabulary. The lessons vary in difficulty and length and hopefully give you ideas of how to use the free products.


World History Timeline Series

There is nothing harder for students than trying to figure out the timelines of various cultures when they are accustomed to the standard European History Timeline. The ancient world of Europe is not comparable to the ancient world of China or the history of ancient Egypt.

These timelines help students keep the time periods and dynasties straight while adding a beautiful poster to your classroom.

The best part is you get to decide the size of the poster and the finish! I prefer to have them laminated so you can write on them and not damage them (I write on my posters all the time).

And they are only a $1.00 each or $2.88 for all three!



I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE PERSIA Charts! I gave up having students take notes and have them take PERSIA Chart notes. It forces them to think about the information and immediately categorize the information.

This product comes with the blank chart and a long PERSIA Chart (because sometimes there is going to be A LOT of information. Think Ancient Rome. You can’t complete that with one column.), a completed example that you can give to your students, and a student prompt sheet that helps them think fill out the chart.