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Common Core Aligned

Common Core Aligned          Dracula


World History Playing Card Series

Ancient World

World History Playing Cards Ancient World  Fertile Crescent Add-on  Ancient Greece Add-on  Ancient World Add-on Bundle


European Middle Ages

Middle Ages  Events of Middle Ages

Artistic Renaissances  Middle Ages Bundle


Major World Religions

World Religions  7  6


Extra Game Add-on

Extra Games Add-on


Deserves More Love

Teaching with Chess     Complete Asian Bundle


Chinese History

Chinese Dynasties Pronunciation Guide     Chinese Maps     Chinese Dynasties Game Bundle     Chinese Dynasty Flip Books WITH MAPS     China Woodblock Game

Japanese History

Indian History





Me and My World     Apples and Oranges Election Edition.png

Video Resources

Teaching with Chess     Dracula     Japanese History Pronunciation Guide     Indian History Pronunciation Guide     Chinese Dynasties Pronunciation Guide

Common Core Aligned


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Coming Soon (no particular order)

  • Me and My World Elementary Resource
  • Apples and Oranges Election Resource
  • Hua Mulan Video Resource (Common Core Aligned)
  • Empress Wu Video Resource
  • Ancient Egypt Maps
  • Ancient Egypt Artifact Bag
    • Elementary Level
    • Middle School Level
    • High School Level
  • More World History Playing Cards
  • Teaching with Pit
  • Teaching with Monopoly Elementary Edition


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