Skill Builders

History Skill Builders

History is its own discipline with its own set of skills necessary for success. More than just memorizing names and dates, history is a complex subject that doesn’t get enough attention, especially in our elementary schools. My collection of history skill builders is a great way to ensure students have an opportunity to hone these skills. Click on the images to see them in my TpT store. Click on the image below to see every history skill builder in one money-saving bundle.

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Social Studies Skill Builders

Going beyond just history, social studies is all too often treated as a field for memorization. Yet, students will benefit as people by having more focus on social studies instruction. Social studies tells us how we live our lives and why we live them this way. These subjects make for better citizens and people. It helps us thrive. Be sure to give your students opportunities to practice all of the skills in the various disciplines.

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