Shop Small TpT Shops

We’ve all heard about Small Business Saturday but if you shop on TpT, don’t forget to check out the new and/or small shops.

Many new shops open all the time while there are veteran TpTers who still run small shops. I don’t want to knock the big shops because they have great resources, many employ help, whether it be a virtual assistant or editor or writer which helps make their resources very thorough – there is a lot to love from big shops.

However, small shops have a lot to offer as well. New shops can give you new methods, new ideas, new images. Whatever you are shopping for just be sure to consider a small shop too.

In an effort to showcase some small shop resources, I have selected a few to share. The authors did not submit these. I did not ask for recommendations on any TpT boards. I chose these myself.

I limited my search to middle school and high school as I believe elementary is the overwhelming business of teacher resources and they don’t need the same level of help. (Sorry if you disagree.)


I have also pinned all of these to their own special board on m,y Pinterest. Click here to see.


  • Less than 3,000 followers
  • Middle school (6th – 8th)
  • High school (9th – 12th)
  • Had to have a store logo

Middle School

3D LearningChristmas GraphingHook Stations

Music in FilmMS Science 1

Penguins Clip ArtProtestant ReformationTEKSUS History Part 2 Bundle     MS Math 1


High School

HS 1HS 2HS 3HS 4

HS 5HS 6

HS 7HS 8

HS 9HS 10

A Little Love to a Blog and TpT Friend

Me on the Map


Read the 2019 edition!


My store is still a small TpT shop and hopefully you find my products worthy of a look (and follow my store).

MonopolyTeaching with ChessMiddle Ages BundleCommon Core AlignedDracula



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