Summer Break 2019

One of the reasons I loved teaching were the summer breaks.

Teachers aren’t supposed to say that but it is true for so many teachers. This doesn’t mean there aren’t other things to love about the profession but for me personally, I grew accustomed to this tradition.

From kindergarten all the way through college I enjoyed a summer break. Seventeen years of them to be exact. Now that I write curriculum full-time and run this little blog, I have decided that I need a break.

A summer break to be exact.

I am taking June off. I may even take July off. I am going to continue creating pins on Pinterest for previous blogs but I am not going to create any new posts unless I really, really want to.

If you are currently a teacher, enjoy your summer break. You deserve it. You work hard and your brain needs a rest. Teachers never stop learning and your brain needs time to think about everything it went through last year so that you can make better decisions next year.

Creativity takes a toll and teachers are the ultimate creators. Enjoy yourself. Read a book. Binge a series. Sit outside and listen to the birds. Whatever you need, take it and DO NOT feel guilt. Work will always be there. August will be here before you know it and you will work better and faster after a nice break.

Enjoy and I will see you in a few weeks!


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