Year-Round High School History Resources

When you are spending your own money on curriculum, you may be interested in resources that you can use more than once a year. Here is a list of my favorite resources designed to be used throughout the school year.

1. World History Timeline Series

Whole Series.png

Not exactly curriculum but it is used year round and if you have them laminated, use them year after year.

Reduce student confusion of time periods in history with these printable timelines. Choose a print shop, choose the size and finish and hang them in your classroom. They will look great on your wall and be helpful to students all year. (Learn more about them in this previously written blog.)


2. Asian History Flip Books

Indian History Flip Books with MapsJapanese History Flip BooksChinese Dynasty Flip Books WITH MAPS

Print them at the beginning of the school year and use them all year long.

Students will always have the dynasties or time periods in order which will help them learn and remember the information. Chinese Dynasties and Indian Time Periods can be upgraded to have maps printed on each flip book!

3. Social Studies Vocabulary Puzzles

Social Studies Vocabulary

Introduce the words at the beginning of the school year, use them as you move through the curriculum, review and assess at the end of the year. Simple as that!


4. Tournament of Technology

Tournament of TechnologyTournament of the ArtsTournament of the Arts Asian Edition

This is a fun resource that can be used in so many situations. Play a few times throughout the year because every time you set up the game it will yield different results. Students are prompted to discuss and debate different technologies and figure out which ones they think are more important.

I also have Tournament of the Arts and Tournament of Asian Arts available.

PS Tournament of Tech

5. Chinese History Writing Task Cards

Chinese History Writing Task Cards Bundle 2

Never worry about figuring out writing prompts for Chinese history for your world history or Asian history class again. These prompts span all levels of writing and all types of writing. Low-level/high-level. Lists, short answers, essays.

Japanese History Writing Task Cards also available.


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