Halloween History Resources

High school teachers need to incorporate more fun and whimsy with their lessons because students really do miss the themed holiday celebrations from elementary school. Use this Halloween to enjoy the day with your students learn about two of histories most famous Vampires!

1. Dracula

He is THE most famous vampire of all-time. First written in 1899 by Bram Stoker, Dracula is the product of a century of evolving vampire characteristics and of course, the real-life inspiration of Vlad the Impaler. His legend is indistinguishable with the real-life history and no one will ever know for sure how much of Dracula is based on Vlad.


However, vampire stories have a long and unique history. Vampire literature emerged many centuries ago but the modern vampire story that we are familiar with today became popular through a series of stories written in the 19th century.

Your students will watch a 5-minute video that races through the history of vampires and introduces students the most popular vampire lore that led to Bram Stokers Dracula. Students can also read abbreviated versions of the popular vampire stories, getting a glimpse of how vampires were described in the various texts so that they can complete a Common Core-aligned summary.


2. Elizabeth Bathory

Not a vampire but Elizabeth is oftentimes called the Blood Countess or even Countess Dracula. This blood bathing beauty from 16th century Hungary is at best the ultimate victim of bad propaganda and at worst, one of the evilest serial killers that ever lived.


Students will complete a workbook about her life as they listen to a podcast telling them the story of Elizabeth Bathory. The podcast covers the facts of her life, the spectacle of the criminal trial, and then outlines many pieces of information that could possibly refute the fact that Elizabeth was guilty of any crime at all.

This resource is a one-day lesson and is also Common Core-aligned for grades 9 – 12.

This streaming podcast is a fun add-on to the Dracula lesson or get the bundle!


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