Early American History Bundle for Elementary Students

Regardless of whether you are studying Revolutionary history with your elementary students or if you are celebrating President’s Day, I have a few crafts and activities that will help make the unit or day a bit more special.

George Washington’s Wig

The hairstyles of the 18th century were amazing. Washington’s famous side curls with the ponytail were his own (not a wig) but it is a look for sure! You and your students can recreate that for a special day of celebration.

All you need are brown paper bags, paste, cotton balls, and a little patience.


This activity is best for pre-k and kindergarten but is definitely an activity that can happen in first grade but you will have to make a few extra tweaks and cuts to the brown bags to fit the heads of your student.

George Washington’s Hat

Maybe the wig craft is a bit much – then make Washington’s hat! Print three pages for your students, cut, staple together, and voila! The stylish hat of Revolutionary America is ready for your student’s unique designs.


Crayons and markers are all you need but if you wanted to go crazy and break out some glue and glitter this hat would look super cute!

American Flag Coloring Page with Betsy Ross Flag Bonus

I love the idea of decorating your room with these little American flags or using them as background to another patriotic craft. Students can practice some precision coloring skills as well.

My favorite part of this resource is the Betsy Ross Flag bonus. The famous 13-star flag will look great with any other early American history craft or project.

Martha Washington Quilt Coloring Page

Print one page for each student and have them color the famous Martha Washington star. Put all the pages together and create a class quilt on the wall. I have included a color by number version as well for younger students who are working on written or verbal direction following.

George Washington Chronology

Print a profile picture of ol’ George as well as prompts of his life’s chronology. Students will need to work to put the dates in order. It is never too early to get students working on history skills. Chronology is an easy one and actually helps support their early math skills.

Want the whole bundle? Click here!

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