Martha Washington’s Quilt for Elementary Students

Women are always left out of history and it is difficult to gather enough information about women in early America. However, in an effort to remind students that women existed and although they may not have been involved that much in the formation of this country, they had hobbies and interests that we can still appreciate today.

Martha Washington’s Star

Martha Washington was an avid quilter. Some of her creations still exist and can be seen at Mount Vernon today. Quilters today still pay tribute today when they include the Martha Washington Star.

This star can be seen in her existing quilts in various colors and patterns and it is often used in quilts created today. I thought it would be an awesome idea to include the star in the classroom.


If you look closely you can see the color by numbers on the quilt piece.

Print enough pages for each of your students and have them color their own Martha Washington Star. Cut the edges and tape together to create a giant classroom paper quilt.

I have also included a color by numbers version for classrooms that need more structure. Choose your two colors and have students color their star to your specification.


No matter what you choose, this will be an adorable classroom decoration, and a great way to include a woman from history in your studies.


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