End-of-Year Break 2019

The end of the calendar year is upon us. I’ve worked really hard this year and I am so proud.

I have created many, many new TpT resources that span pre-k – 12th-grade social studies. I really stepped up my blogging schedule and wrote a TON of new blogs about my products and my thoughts on education. I also expanded to included several blogs about my favorite movies and documentary and books about history.

I have explored the concept of historical thinking skills and how women are portrayed in history and have conducted some awesome research along the way.

And finally, the year is ending and it is time for a break. I will be spending plenty of time with my family, getting ready for all of our celebrations, and planning my resolutions for the new year (yes, I actually do that and yes, I actually try to stick to them.)

Happy Holidays.

Be safe and joyous. See you sometime next year.


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