Abraham Lincoln Activities for Elementary Students

Teaching Abraham Lincoln can be complicated – how much does an early elementary student need to know? How much will they understand? It is precisely this reason that many elementary teachers focus on his personal accomplishment or physical characteristics. I have launched a small selection of crafts but have also created a chronology of history appropriate for elementary school students.

Abraham Lincoln Coloring Pages

I had high hopes that my growing computer drawing ability would yield a fantastic rendering of Lincoln. Alas, my hopes were dashed. After several attempts and a few recalibrations, I settled on VERY simplistic. The final craft may not be elegant or complicated but it is cute! And really, that is what I wanted.


Decorate your classroom with these coloring pages. Students will draw Lincolns’ face and color his beard and hat before pasting him to a 35-star American “Union” flag.


But honestly, my favorite part was the 35-star Union flag. Quite frankly I am tired of seeing the Confederate flag and wanted to celebrate the fact that the United States is united. The Union never removed the stars of the southern states after they rebelled and fought the government. Abraham Lincoln is the savior of the Union and this 35-star flag needed to be included to celebrate that.

Presidential Height Chart

Not strictly an Abraham Lincoln resource but he is included in my Presidential Height Chart. Measure your students’ height and compare it to the President’s in United States history.

The height chart prints on any printer with regular paper. You cut the bottom edge, line up the pages and tape to a wall. This tiny bit of prep work will bring you an opportunity to have some math fun. Measure student’s height. Compare them to the height of our former presidents. Use other methods of measuring. Find the difference in student’s height and president’s height.

I also included a few select First Lady’s heights.

Abraham Lincoln Chronology

I narrowed down his accomplished to these 10 historical prompts that your students will put in order. Print the prompts and cut them (or have your students cut them for dexterity practice) along with the extra tall top hat. Paste the prompts to the top hat.

This gives your students a chance to practice their chronology skills which also reinforces early math skills. Plus, students get to learn about Lincoln’s most important accomplishments like, saving the Union despite the Civil War and passing the Emancipation Proclamation which ended slavery in all of the states.

This is also available in Google Classroom™.


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