Ancient Egypt Coloring Pages with Short Reads

Learning about Ancient Egypt is cool. Students are always excited to learn about the ancient Egyptians and teachers usually have a lot of enthusiasm as well. Introduce your students to the greatest symbols of the ancient Egyptians with my Ancient Egypt Coloring Pages with Short Reads.

Grade Level

I’ve marked this resource as Not Grade Specific in my TpT store because it will be perfect for a variety of grade levels. Young students (grades 1 – 2) will enjoy reading the short passages with each other and their teacher as they doodle and color the pages. Older elementary students (grades 3 – 5) will like the independence of the short reads. High school students who have had limited history instruction can use this workbook as a true introduction to ancient Egypt. Have them use it to write all of their notes for the rest of your ancient Egypt curriculum!


My favorite part is that this resource can benefit struggling readers or ELL students. The short reads share basic information and have an important visual that many learners need. ELL students will be able to see the pictures and make those important connections between pictures and words, helping them through the course.

Cartouche Activity

Students have an opportunity to learn about hieroglyphics, the written language of ancient Egypt and about cartouches. Cartouches were the shapes that surrounded names of the pharaohs and are important to archeologists as they try to date new artifacts and burial tombs.


The last few pages of the workbook is actually a cut and paste activity for students to create their own personalized cartouche! Yes, even high school students want to create their own cartouche. Display the work as part of your ancient Egypt décor before sending it home for students to showcase with their parents.


Students cut the letters of their name and paste on the blank cartouche. For names with lots of double letters (like mine) follow the included instructions.


Looking for another unique Ancient Egypt teaching resource? Add Senet to your TpT purchase. The world’s oldest board game can be printed in your classroom with minimum prep time. To learn more read the blog or click here to go directly to my TpT store.


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