TpT Homeschool Resources I’ve Used

My first disclaimer is that no one asked me to review these resources. I purchased them myself and actually used them at home during the coronavirus school shutdown.

My second disclaimer is this is a praise blog. I am not interested in critiquing other TpT sellers. I’ve downloaded freebies I didn’t like and I’ve purchased resources I didn’t like. I am not interested however in expressing that opinion in this forum. If the resource made the blog then I genuinely like it. 

Elementary Island

I’m giving this seller a special shout out because I have used numerous resources from their store and my child always enjoys them. Every time, the resource is easy to prep and has easy instructions to follow.

Screenshot (51)

If you click the image above you are taken directly to a freebie in this seller’s store. I discovered the Skill Swirls line two years ago and have since purchased three of them:

I started using these with my kindergartener who is now in first grade and they are still fun for him. They have come in especially handy now that we are forced to homeschool full time.

Screenshot (50)

I also purchased this Biography Report Templates and have since completed one biography with my first grader. He chose King Tut and used the research outline provided in the resource before writing in the booklet.

I am going to have him complete another one (hopefully two) before homeschool is out for the summer.

Screenshot (53)

My son wanted to learn cursive during homeschool so I purchased worksheets from Apples and Bananas Education. I thought the price was fair at the time although if I am honest, they could stand to increase the price a bit if they wanted.

We complete two letters a day and then review all of them every week on their blank pages. They also provided guided reviews for the letters learned. I just followed the printouts. Easy.

Each letter has a practice line that guides students through strokes just like they would learn printing. That is why I say they could raise their price a bit. This ended up being a homeschool lesson that I could give my son while I loaded the dishwasher or played with my toddler for ten minutes.

Screenshot (49)

After Rosetta Stone Homeschool failed us, I took the money I normally would spend on the subscription and invested in a big bundle of French readers by For French Immersion. The large bundle has 50 small readers that are perfect for my son. We actually began using these after school in January but obviously, they have come in handy during this trying time.

Some of the booklets are just for reading. Others have pictures to paste in place or writing the missing word. We use one booklet a week in addition to his formal French lesson.

Screenshot (48)

My son likes morning work and insisted it was part of his homeschool schedule. Little did he know that I agreed as I figured he would need easy work to help him transition from home to school at the dining room table. We use a French word of the day worksheet every day for morning work.

I printed 30 pages and just select the next word of the day – no preplanning of the words. I am amazed at how often they fit in with our formal lesson of the day. I am sure if you actually wanted this to happen on purpose it would be easy to do.

Just don’t be like me and accidentally print on both sides of the paper. It can get confusing.

Screenshot (47)

Talk about cute! This resource is cute!

First of all, my son asked if we could study Greek mythology because he loves adventure stories. I don’t know Greek mythology and needed something that he would engage with (on a first-grade level) but also something that helped me organize the vast array of Greek mythology. This resource nailed it.

It’s made for an older student (listed as middle school and high school) but my son really enjoyed coloring it and collecting the information to fill in the blanks on the poster.

There are 24 posters to choose from and they print on regular sized paper. You simply cut the border off and tape together. It couldn’t be simpler.


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