History Writing Rubrics

When I was in school, there was nothing more annoying than history writing rubrics that focused on grammar rather than history. If the teacher was so concerned about the grammar then how exactly did I earn a history grade?

I’m not saying that grammar isn’t important. But in history class, history teachers need to be focused on the history rather than the grammar.

An essay rubric that allows you to change the point value to fit your grading system.

A short answer rubric that helps students focus on what’s important in a history answer – the history.

Notice the categories: thesis statement, thesis support, historical evidence, writing quality. The rubrics help you and the students remember what is important. Yes, grammar is generally an important element but in history class, you need to focus on the history. In the writing quality column, students either do well, adequately, or poorly.

These history writing rubrics are ready to print and will work for a variety of history writing prompts. You also get an editable version to better align with your grading system.

This resource is available in my TpT store.


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