Dear Returning Teachers: A Pep Talk

Since March 2020, you’ve had a rough time. Learning how to teach with little to no resources, conquering technology issues, and trying to maintain your own household has taken a toll. Hopefully, this past summer you took some much needed time off because this school year will present you will even more challenges. New challenges. Challenges that you may not be anticipating.

Let me remind you: you can meet those challenges and succeed. I don’t know what your specific set of challenges will be as every classroom is unique yet I already know that our teacher force is strong. Your intelligence will help you problem solve the coming years unique issues. Your flexibility will help you forge new paths in your classroom. Your joy of teaching will light the lives of your students and help them succeed.

Be kind to yourself. Eliminate teaching methods that no longer serve you. Just because you’ve always done them does not mean you have to continue them. Conference with your colleagues about their classroom methods. Ask each other for help and give help happily when you can. Watch a teaching movie that inspires you. Use personal days to maintain your mental health.

Growth is your goal this school year. Don’t become stagnant. Make your classroom the one where students want to be. Not because you are too easy but because you make learning an adventure. Because your classroom is where they can let their curiosities run wild and they pursue their learning passions.

You are going to have a great year. Good luck. I am cheering you on and am thankful for your hard work.


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