Filing Taxes Should Never Be Taught In School

“Why don’t schools teach kids useful stuff. Like how to file taxes.”

They do.

It’s called reading and math.

Schools used to teach what I call low level skills. Women were pushed into classes that taught them how to balance check books, set a household budget, and how to set a table.

Later women were pushed into classes such as typing and short hand. These were after all the skills that women were expected to have when they left school because generally women were not expected to do much.

I hear you. You are talking about taxes and men would be in the classes too.

Maybe. Maybe not. Perhaps they would be for a few years until it was deemed too low level for them.

When I hear people talk about schools teaching useful subjects I immediately see the recreation of gender norms.

Rather than complain about what your teachers did not teach you, try remembering what they did teach you. Because if you are reading this, you owe them a lot.


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