Filing Taxes Should Never Be Taught In School

“Why don’t schools teach kids useful stuff. Like how to file taxes.”

They do.

It’s called reading and math.

Rather than complain about what your teachers did not teach you, try remembering what they did teach you. Because if you are reading this, you owe them a lot.

Still, a lot of people are frustrated with schools not teaching students how to file taxes. Regardless of your feelings about the IRS and the tax system, the number one reason schools do not and should not teach taxes in schools is because too many people file different taxes.

For example, for personal income taxes, there are currently three different types of forms that someone could file. Are teachers supposed to teach all three? With what time? Where will they get the training because taxes are not taught in teacher college and teachers are not tax professionals.

What about small business taxes? Most employers in this country are small businesses which makes it a great argument that people should be learning how to file small business taxes. But then incorporated small business taxes or not? How about self-employment taxes? Or why not throw in contractor taxes?

The point is, taxes are too complex to teach each specific tax that someone could use in their lifetime. But you need to consider, you already have the skills necessary to file taxes. You can read the forms and read the descriptions to figure out what you need and how to file. Plus most students graduate with the math skills necessary to complete the calculations. (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division).

If you don’t, then that is a different conversation.



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