Integrated Elementary Math and History

Yes, math and history do belong together!

They are not the normal pair. Most people would never think that history and math could be taught simultaneously but they can! History is just one giant math problem.

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First, the obvious math integration is the birth and death question: If person x was born in 1900 and they died in 1980 how old were they when they died?

It gets deeper when you have to figure out the exact age by adding: If person x was born on January 1, 1900 and died on June 21, 1980 how old were they when they died?

But creating timelines takes math skills and applies them to something more meaningful. By giving students a variety of dates and telling them to put them in chronological order they have just completed a math assignment. If you give students a variety of historical events and have them put them in order they have used the same skills at a higher level all while reenforcing historical facts/knowledge.

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The concept of time and dates always blows students minds. Today is January 1 (not really) because we say it is. The calendar we use was created in 1582 and before then we used the Julian calendar which was created in 45 BC which replaced the Roman calendar. And every major civilization has their own calendar and they all measure time differently!

These are all possible integrated math and history lessons!

My product, Integrated Elementary Math and History Volumen 1 is the first of several planned products that will integrated math skills and history knowledge into one lesson.

Students must be ready for four digit addition and subtraction and will use their skills to find the length of time between now and historical events, the ages of people, and a variety of other things.

Students will also put important dates in order on a timeline.

Finally, students will begin to think about older and newer dates. Using the greater than, less than symbol students will begin by finding the larger number, then the older number to change how they look at numbers and dates.

Integraged Elementary Math and History is a print-n-go lesson and is perfect for the substitute folder!

Math and History Vol. 1 Click here for Volume 1: Colonial History through the American Revolutionary War

Math and History Vol. 2 Click here for Volume 2: Early Republic History through the American Civil War

Math and History Free Sample Click here for the Free Sample if you are still unsure.

Volume 3: coming soon

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