Integrated Elementary Math and History

I absolutely love this resource. It now has a new look, new problems, and a new volume! Let’s take a deeper look.

Historians actually do use math and combining math and history allows your students to use math in a more realistic setting. It is also possible to align some of these lessons with Common Core (if that’s what you need). My favorite part is that they are print and go resources. No prep required.

Math and History Bundle

What does the work look like?

The history focuses on Colonial America and the American Revolution. The math asks students to practice their four-digit subtraction skills, number comparisons, chronology and grid plotting.


Working with the current year, students will subtract historical dates to discover how long ago something happened. This is obviously something historians need to know and is one of the steps in becoming proficient in chronology, one of the most important history skills.

When comparing numbers, instead of determining which is greater students will change how they look at the numbers to fit history. Now they are considering if a date is older than or younger than, another history building block.


Chronology is super important. Being able to read a text and put events in order is essential. Helping students a bit, dates are given but they must cut the prompts out and paste them in chronological order. Sometimes they have to create timelines on a traditional number line.



Map work and working with longitude and latitude is a fantastic way to practice grid plotting. Students practice beginner geography skills at the same time.



The different volumes

Volume 1 focuses on Colonial America and the American Revolution.

Math and History Vol. 1

Volume 2 focuses on the Early American Republic and the American Civil War

Math and History Vol. 2

Volume 3 shifts the focus from American history to European history for World War I.

Math and History Vol. 3

Volume 4 focuses on World War II. I took strides to split the resource between the European theater and the Pacific theater. I did not include the Holocaust in this lesson. I tried and it just never felt right.

Math and History Vol. 4


When to use

If you opt to get the full bundle, you have six days of lessons. Spread them out throughout the year and complete one lesson per grading period (assuming you have four grading periods).

Work on Colonial America when school starts in August – September.

Work on the American Revolution between September – October.

Work on the Early American Republic from October – November.

Work on the American Civil War when school returns from the holidays in January.

Begin World War I sometime in February.

Begin World War II between March – April.

These resources make excellent previews or reviews of the history and can be used by the substitute.

Math and History Bundle


Wanna check them out before you purchase? Download the free sample from my TpT store.

Math and History Free Sample


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