World History Timelines for the Classroom

The hardest part of teaching world history for me was trying to teach the concept of time, calendars, and time keeping. It is a difficult concept when you learn that calendars are man-made and that common time periods to us (ancient world, Renaissance, etc.) do not match the time periods outside of Europe. But my world history timelines will help eliminate confusion and add a visual teaching aid.

What’s Available:

  • Simplified European History
  • Asian History (Japanese, Indian, and Chinese)
  • Middle Eastern History and Ancient Egypt
  • The Whole Series Bundle

Each timeline resource comes with two different sizes. I personally like a skinny poster but others like more traditional proportions. Now, you can choose.


These posters are colorful and decorative but also give valuable information to your students. I recommend displaying them near each other so your students have the opportunity to compare when time periods are compared to other time periods.

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt comes with two different types of timeline posters: a poster displaying the dynasties and dates while the other poster showcases the People, Places, and Things of Ancient Egypt. I love this option because it displays the information with the dates rather than having to spend time figuring out where on the timeline the information fits. Sometimes, time is a premium and this little difference helps with pacing.

Digital Download. How do I actually get the timeline?

You send the posters to any printer, pick your size and finish and voila! Posters for your classroom. I recommend laminating them for durability and I love writing on stuff. I wrote on my posters all the time and would never skip the lamination process.

But the beauty of you choosing where to print is you can watch for sales and discounts. The amount of money you spend is entirely up to you!


The skinny poster is printed on glossy paper while the poster on the right is matte. They are obviously different dimensions and you get both when you purchase the timelines. Choose which size works best for you.

When I chose Staples to print these, I was cautioned by the online system that the images were going to be blurry. I disagree. I think they turned out beautifully and are cheaper than if I purchased them from other educational resource companies.


This is an up close picture of one of my Staples printed posters. This picture has not be altered in any way and as you can see, it is not blurry. I did have to trim the edges because of the dimensions of the poster. Use a straight edge and a sharp box cutter.


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