End-of-Year Learning Games for History Classes

I love games in the classroom and am always on the lookout for different and innovative ways to integrate games into the curriculum. The end of the year, when testing is over, and the curriculum is over is an excellent way to test some new game curriculum! Here is a list of my favorite resources from my TpT store.

1.Teaching with Monopoly


This is my far and away bestseller. Although designed with world history in mind, there is no reason this couldn’t be used in any social studies class, including economics.

Students actually play the game of Monopoly (you must purchase separately as I do not provide the board, the cards, etc. in this resource) and then the history curriculum is built around the game play. Students have an opportunity to apply their economic vocabulary in this great simulation.

You get a history of the game PDF presentation, four game scenarios that connect the curriculum to the game play, teacher guide, and summaries.

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2. Teaching with Chess

Teaching with Chess

Students will never forget how you taught medieval Europe through chess. Each piece represents an element of the feudalistic society and students will learn how the placement and movement on the board emphasizes its place in the world.

You get a 15 minute streaming video about the history of chess, the symbolism of each piece, and explanation of feudalism on the chess board. Use the video for just yourself as a professional development tool and learn all of the material or use the video directly with students – it was designed to be student friendly.

You also get student note pages, chess instructions, and summaries. Again, you must purchase chess boards and pieces separately. I do not provide any of that in the resource itself.

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3. Tournament of: Full Bundle

Tournament of Full Bundle

Get the discussion going by having students discuss/debate with each other over the greatest technologies throughout history. Have students explore European art and music as they advance the winner through the brackets. Introduce students to Asian art and have them conduct mini-research booklets.

Regardless of how you use them, the Tournament of Technology, Tournament of the Arts, and Tournament of the Arts: Asian Edition are a fun way to see what students think about each element, how they connect the materials to each other, and how they rationalize their answers.

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4. Social Studies Vocabulary Project


This is the easiest project you will ever assign and it will yield the most creative work from your students. The only criteria is they have to use the social studies vocabulary correctly!

This is a freebie in my store so don’t hesitate! You will receive some amazing stories and illustrations, videos, and songs and your students will show you another side to their personalities.

I like to use this before winter break to help with angst but the end-of-the-year is another great time to use it. Students will love having the freedom to do what they want and they will sharpen their social studies vocabulary.


5. Asian Game Bundle

Asian Game Bundle

Perfect for world history and Asian history teachers alike, this bundle includes the puzzles, BINGO, and woodblock games for my Chinese, Japanese, and Indian histories.

Assessing student knowledge with games is a fun and different way to challenge them and will give you a great idea of what information they remember. It also will help you figure out which areas you may need to focus on next year.

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6. World History Playing Cards

Middle Ages

Play literally any card you can think of. The only thing that limits you is your imagination. Great as trading cards or flash cards, World History Playing Cards emphasize ancient history and the European Middle Ages.

Add-on cards are also available.

When you purchase either the Ancient World main resource or the European Middle Ages main resource, you get two game instructions. Extra games are available for purchase. To see what is available, go to my store page!

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7. World History or European History Matching Games

Famous Pairs and Couples Full Bundle

Don’t be fooled by the covers – although they do come with a Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s theme, I also have included a regular, everyday shape for non-themed days.

Students will match famous pairs or famous couples which can lead to writing summaries or discussion afterward. This was designed to have fun, so keep it that way.


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