Chinese History Writing Task Cards

I wanted to create something for teachers to use throughout the school year that emphasized writing. When students begin to write about Chinese history I think they get nervous because so few teachers focus on Chinese history writing. The actual recall isn’t that well practiced.

But teachers tend to expect students to write stellar essays on Chinese history without asking them to easier and shorter writing prompts.

These writing prompts vary from simply defining vocabulary words to identifying people as well as outlining essays, and creating timelines. Students need to write persuasively and form their own opinion.

Most of the writing prompts can be bundled together to create a scaffolded writing assignment that help students organize the information. They will also align with Common Core History/Social Studies standards.

Chinese History Writing Task Cards Xia - Sui

Xia – Sui Dynasties includes 72 writing prompts. Not every class will need every prompt so be sure to plan ahead which prompts you will use in your lesson plan but laminate after you print and cut so you can use the cards over and over again.

Chinese History Writing Task Cards Tang - The Republic

Tang Dynasty – The Republic includes 85 writing prompts. Just because these dynasties were later in Chinese history doesn’t mean students are ready to write essays. The prompts still have a variety of skill level as well types of writing involved.

Chinese History Writing Task Cards Bundle 2

Bundle them. Buy them all. Get all 157 writing prompts so you never have to worry about having writing lessons at the ready.

These writing prompts were created to work in world history class as well as Asian history and Chinese history classes. This means, you may or may not need writing prompts for all of the dynasties included. You may not teach certain events students have to write about. Make sure you are reading all of the prompts and selecting the ones that work for your students.

But because these writing task cards are created with so many classes in mind I have not included an answer key. The answer will vary. The way you want to grade writing assignments will be different from how I would grade writing assignments. Plus, if I had included answer keys for every writing prompt, the price would be much higher than it is.

These writing prompts are part of my Complete Asian History Bundle. Pay one price now, get all of my future Asian history products for free.


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