Fiction for Teachers Summer Reading

While your brain begins to relax and you are more able to reflect on the year you just completed and you plan for the upcoming school year, relax with a book or two this summer. You work hard. You deserve this. Here are a list of four new fiction novels that you should read.

1.The Overdue Life of Amy Bylers

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This is my number one book because it screamed teachers to me. Teachers tend to put their lives on hold during the school year and then do a lot of living in the summer.

Amy Bylers has an opportunity to put her normal life on hold for a summer and live it up in New York City. It is fun read that is perfect for letting it all go and giving yourself a much needed break.

2. Normal People: A Novel by Sally Rooney

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She has been called the first great millennial writer and her books have been celebrated for the amazing dialogue and a young perspective on themes such as social class, popularity, and first love.

Normal People focuses on the lives of Connell and Marianne as they traverse the social structure of high school and then college.


3. Lost Roses by Martha Hall Kelly

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I love a good historical fiction novel and it is increasingly difficult to find a good one not set in World War II. Set around the events of the Russian Revolution, this is a well researched piece of historical fiction based on real events.

Two close friends Eliza and Sofya, after escaping their Russian country tour at the outbreak of the Russian Revolution take diverging paths. The differing views of the dangers is captivating and illustrates the great bonds of friendship the two women shared.


4. Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

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Murder mystery meets a bit of a coming of age story, Where the Crawdads Sing follows the wild Kya Clark, the Marsh Girl.

Longing to open her life to new possibilities, Kya Clark is embroiled in a murder investigation. But Kya is a survivor and the events that unfold are just more things she must survive.


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