Five Chinese History Resources for World History

When I began teaching world history and I came upon my first Chinese history unit I was very nervous. I had never taken an Asian history class, knew nothing about Asia, and had absolutely no idea where to start. Once I got started however, I really fell in love with Chinese history. It really does hold a special place in my heart and I want other teachers to love teaching it as well. My TpT store has many options for teaching Chinese history. Here is a look at some of them.

1.Chinese History Writing Task Cards

Never worry about coming up with writing prompts again! Students will engage in a variety of skill level (some prompts simply want a definition or to identify someone while others are quite high level and want students to write formal essays) and a variety of types of writing (short answer, persuasive, forming an opinion, outlines, etc.).

Chinese History Writing Task Cards Xia - SuiChinese History Writing Task Cards Tang - The RepublicChinese History Writing Task Cards Bundle 2

  • Xia – Sui Dynasties includes 72 writing prompts.
  • Tang Dynasty – The Republic includes 85 writing prompts.
  • The Full Bundle includes all 157 writing prompts.

2. Chinese Dynasties Pronunciation Guide

This free streaming video in my TpT store helps you pronounce the names of each dynasty correctly. No more skipping lessons because you can’t pronounce the dynasty name. Remember, this one is a freebie!

Chinese Dynasties Pronunciation Guide


3. Chinese Dynasties Flip Books with Maps

This is a popular Chinese history resource in my TpT store. People like that student notes will always be in order and will have a visual representation of the dynasties printed right on them! You also get a PDF presentation about centralized and decentralized Chinese governments. Compare those governments to the maps – there is always a correlation.

Chinese Dynasty Flip Books WITH MAPS


4. Chinese Dynasties Puzzles

This is my favorite Chinese history resource in my store. I seriously use it all the time and base so many of my resources on the information in the puzzles. I designed this puzzle to be easy to cut. A series of straight lines is much easier and faster to cut than round or odd shapes!

When you have cut the puzzles, laminate them for longer use.

Chinese Puzzles 2019

5. Asian History Timelines

We are so accustomed to the European history timeline that we automatically assume it is the same everywhere. But in Asian histories, the ancient world doesn’t mean exactly the same thing. The middle ages doesn’t mean the same thing. There is no Age of Exploration in Asian histories (although they did explore).

Eliminate the headaches of trying to explain the differences with the Asian History Timelines. You get three cultures in one great product: Chinese History, Indian History, and Japanese History.

Take them to a print shop, choose the size you want, and have them laminated for longevity! They look great and will help students conceptualize the different time periods.

Asian Timelines

I have more Chinese history resources I could have gone on and on about. I had to edit to my favorite five. Check out all of them here.


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