6 History Games to Try in the New School Year

Revitalize your teaching methods with the infusion of new games for your history classes. These five games can all be found in my TpT store and can be used year-round!

1.Teaching with Monopoly

Monopoly 2.0

Far and away my bestseller, Teaching with Monopoly helps you teach basic economic vocabulary that your high school history students need to know. They actually play the game of Monopoly (not provided in the resource) giving them a unique opportunity to apply the vocabulary not just memorize.

It has been updated to include new scenarios too!


2. Teaching with Chess

Teaching with Chess

This is one of those lessons that your students will remember forever! Teach medieval feudalism with chess. Students learn feudalism and the societal roles of each member of society through the chess pieces and then learn to play the game of chess. A streaming video is provided with this resource – choose to watch it to learn the information yourself or show it to your students.


3. Tulip Mania

Tulip Mania

Although usually a short segment in your world history class, I create a fun auction card game to help students fully understand the important economic concepts behind the phenomenon. Students participate in tulip auctions, trying to earn as much money as possible before the bubble bursts.


4. World History Playing Cards

World History Playing Cards Ancient WorldMiddle Ages

One of my favorite resources, you can do anything you want with these cards. Create your own card game. Have your students create their own card game. Use them as flash cards or trading cards. Your imagination is your limit! Ancient World and European Middle Ages available now along with a bevy of add-ons, each card has important information students need to know. They do come with some game instructions to help students learn and review.


5. Social Studies Vocabulary Puzzles

Social Studies Vocabulary

Based on my popular free download, students learn and review important social studies vocabulary words. This is just a different and fun way to assess what they know and can be used in a variety of ways. Absolutely can be used all year long!


6. Tournament of Technology

Tournament of Technology

I play this at home with my husband (we’re nerds). We love discussing and debating the combinations. What’s great is the game is different every time you play it. Try it out at the beginning of the year to see what students know about each technology and what their opinions are and then use it again at the end of the year to break up the end-of-year review process.

Also perfect for some fun during sports tournaments!


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